In 2018 Bram Cohen, the creator of the BitTorrent protocol presented a concept of proof of space and the birth of the chia network, but it is especially since the beginning of 2021 that this new blockchain has attracted all eyes of those who see in it the replacement of the famous Bitcoin.

The chia network and its crypto XCH like Ethereum allows you to make smart contracts on its blockchain. It is the first cryptocurrency to use proof of space associated with proof of time to operate its network. Much less energy-intensive than the other solutions, notably the work-based prevention which requires a lot of energy to validate and control the blocks.

Many people engage in plot farming on the chia network hoping to relive the success of their predecessors.

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Do you have unused disk space?

Hard drive prices rise

The craze for this new crypto currency and the farming of chia plots has resulted in an increase in the prices of SSD and HDD disks in Asia. Some top-of-the-range models have seen their price increase by 20 to 60%. We will closely follow the evolution of this global phenomenon.

Which configuration for fast plotting

To have the most efficient tracing you must have a machine with a very efficient processor and SSD. Once the plotting is finished the contents of the ssd will be compressed and stored on another large capacity disk which can be on another machine. Some farmers separate the plotting computer and the farming computer.

Choose the good exchange to sell your XCH

At the time of writing these lines, the Chia is only referenced on three exchanges. If you want to buy or sell XCH you have to go to OKEx, Dcoin or LBank. In the days or weeks to come many other exchanges should add chia to their list and allow you to trade it on your favorite exchanges.